TFS series


The TFS series is the result of intensive development and is used in laser marking and laser engraving applications as well as in other applications where medium or high amounts of dust production. The system is characterized by the large filter surface and the intelligent system design.



  • Laser machines with 30-150W CO2 lasers and 10-50W solid-state lasers (fiber lasers and RF lasers) with a laser surface of up to 1500 x 1000 mm
  • Work processes with sticky / steaming substances
  • Work processes with vapors / gases


The polluted air is collected by the collection unit (extraction nozzle, extraction arm, hose, etc.) and is then guided through the filter. Once the air has been sucked into the system, it is guided by the SafeLine prefilter specially designed for the TFS series systems. This generates an optimal air displacement through the entire filter but with a minimal loss through the filter. The filter is also designed to be less likely to become contaminated, which benefits the replacement frequency. When the air has been sucked through the pre-filter, the air reaches the particle filter (H14 in accordance with DIN EN 1822). It separates the small particles from the air and lets the air through so that it can later be returned to the working environment as purified air. When all skull particles are filtered out of the air, the air is still guided through an active carbon filter / BAC filter. Here harmful gases and odors are also made harmless. To guarantee a long service life, the carbon filter has also been redesigned and has become even more efficient. After the final step, the air is blown back into the working environment or outside.

Prices from: € 3750,-