Trabiss Machines FAQ

Our laser machines are completely made in Europe. We develop and improve the machine where we can. This ensures the highest quality and consistency in quality. We always strive to have the best quality and service!

NO.. We are currently developing the fiber laser machines with an output of 300Watt untill 2kW possible. We can deliver this fiber laser machine in the sizes the same as the CO2 laser machines. Compact stable and with high performance but with the best price!

Currently we have a closed model cutting machine up to 1000 x 2000 mm. We expect this year (2017) to have introduce our own design flatbed cutting machine for 1500 x 3000 mm sheetmetal. This machine will be available for the following sources (not all sources are possible at one and the same machine!):

  • Plasma
  • Oxyfuel
  • CO2 laser from 180Watt up to 700Watt budget glass laser tubes
  • Fiber laser from 300Watt up to 2kW

Yes off course. Because we make the machines in Europe we can make the machine as you wish. We will always think with the customer to make sure the machine will be delivered meeting the demands and requirements. 

Yes.We have repaired more machines from different brands. We also supply most of the parts for the CO2 laser machines.

Yes. Dutch and Belgium customers can buy the machine with an financial lease concept. We we can offer this to our customers and use Vendor Lease Nederland for this concept. They are specialist in providing this service. Please let us know when required or when you want to know how much it will cost per month.

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