Laserkop metaal

Laser head for metal cutting with connections for assisting cutting gases and automatic height adjustment (focus)


Strong and stabile construction with a safe and clen belt routing. Especially important for metal cutting machines to prevent quick wear of parts and belt.

Onderdelen opvanglade

Tray for waste and small parts

Bedieingspaneel metaal laser

Control panel with clear screens for the life focus system (height adjustment) and operator screen

Elektronika paneel

Electronics clean and extra safe in a fully closed enclosure


Mainswitch to turn off the complete machine


Or € 721,- excl. VAT per month (60 months duration)

1. LASERHEADLaserhead-metal– Height control – Life focus height control with capacitive sensor
– Cutting gases – Connections for various gases
– Solid quality – CNC milled completely from aluminum
2. MECHANICAL DESIGNMechanical-design– Solid construction – fully CNC machined aluminum
– Strong stable mirror brackets – CNC machined, extra strong springs
– Belt routing – belt runs through the tube against dirt build-up
3. CLEAN SETUPsmall-parts-drawer– Neat finish – spacious and accessible inside
– Stable construction – steel profiles for strength/and stability
– Waste drawer – drawer for waste or small cut pieces
4. CONTROLPANELcontroller-metal

– Touchscreens – Direct control and setting on the screen
– Height and Control – displays for height adjustment and control
– Buttons together – everything at your fingertips

5.  ELECTRONICS ENCLOSUREPanel– Closed enclosure – safe and protected
– Ventilation – extra cooling and overpressure against dust
– Quality – use of A-brand components
6. MAINSWITCHMain-switch– Mainswitch – switch off the complate machine with one turn
– Interlock switches – doors protected with interlock safety switches
– Doors – doors closed with locks


The TI-1390S laser cutting machine with an effective laser range of 1300×900 mm, is a compact laser cutting machine for cutting metal and organic materials. Combining simplicity with state-of-the-art technology, this is a very suitable machine for small companies, prototyping companies, engineering offices and metal production companies. With the special laser head, up to 6-8 mm stainless steel can be cut (depending on the chosen laser power). We deliver the CO2 combi laser cutting machines only with RF laser source. This is to prevent disappointments, assure durability and accuracy.

If you want to cut stainless steel in particular, we recommend the fiber laser cutting machines.

The various expansion options allow you to assemble the machine as you wish!


The TI-1390S laser cutting machine is a European built machine! We build and develop the machine with an eye for quality and attention to technical details. As a result, we guarantee a very long service life and ease of operation. The machines are still being developed with the latest technologies to this day.


RF laser source (from 100 Watts) Dutch user manual
Electric valves for cutting gases Optimal safety due to safety switches and official EU CE certificate
Aligned cutting bed  with cutting strips (removable) Mobile (mobile)
Active cooling unit for optimal life of your laser source Laser head with automatic height control (capacitive sensor)
Fan with brushless  motor for extracting smoke and vapours (advice = air filtration unit) Top quality components allowing Hiwin  linear guidance, A brand power supply, A brand safety switches.


Laser cutting technology is not only used in the middle management engineering course, but also in the construction worker level 2 and design training courses. Trabiss International cutting machines have been chosen for all three courses.

We now have 3 Trabiss laser machines in use:

  • TI-1390S, laser cutting machine for metal
  • TI-9060, laser cutting and engraving machine for organic materials
  • TI-6040, laser cutting and engraving machine for organic materials

The choice for Trabiss was initially made because of the good price / quality ratio of the machines. In addition, the machines are easy to operate and they look good. Support from Trabiss is also a plus. Good thinking and quality is delivered.

We were looking for a machine for quickly and accurately cutting new and new packages and small batches to be developed. After having had contact with Trabiss International, we were able to attend a demonstration and this, together with the displayed machine and visible quality, convinced us immediately.

We still use the machine frequently and we enjoy working with this machine.

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