fiber laser marking machine TI-FML-20

With safety window and safety goggle conform EN12254.


Delivered with quite EU PC and lasersoftware.


Doors for large objects. Easy operation.


Air extraction prepared, with anti static air extraction flexible tube.

Laserkop FML

Laser control with galvometric scan head. Very accurate and fast.

Fiber Laser Marking machine TI-FML-30


Veiligheid– Window – big fiber laser safety window
– Front door – protected with safety switch
– Emergency stop – front side mounted direct accessable


Computer– Computer – quite EU PC with SSD  and offcial Windows 10 version
– Emergency stop – extra emergency stop on the controller
– Software – simple yet complete laser marking software


TI-FML-deur– Steel cabinet – machine always delivered in safe enclosure
– Side doors – doors protected with key locks. access for large objects
– Lighting – LED light for optimal light


TI-FML-30– Prepared – air extraction point to connect air extraction unit
– Air extraction tube – anti-static and flexible
– Connection – backside connection Ø 80 mm


Laser– Galvo scan head – very accurate and quick
– Focus – automatic height adjustment (motorrised)
– Lens – F-Theta lens multiple ranges available


The fiber marking laser TI-FML-30 is mainly used for marking , engraving and cutting of metals ( direct) . The advantages of the fiber marking laser TI-FML-30 are, the durability , very little maintenance , and the lower power consumption.

We have deliberately designed the housing with a small footprint so that the unit can be placed anywhere. Want to mark a larger object? This is also possible with this versatile fiber laser marking machine TI-FML-30.

The fiber marking laser TI-FML-30 is fast and accurate and is therefore very suitable for production work and marking / engraving of small pieces of metal or plastic . Fiber lasers cannot engrave glass. Due to the wavelength of 1.064 nm, the laser will go through the glass.

Fiber lasers are widely used by major manufacturers to provide products with product codes such as bar code, QR code or serial numbers.

There are 3 marking shapes possible:

  • Annealing – discolors the material and is superficial
  • Polish – polishes the material as it were and is superficial
  • Etch – burns into the material (also removes material) and is a durable permanent engraving


Fiber lasers have an average lifespan of 50000 hours . Fiber lasers are widely used for medical industry, data sheets, advertising companies, gift shops, engraving companies etc.


20W fiber laser marking machine

It is mainly for marking on surface such as steel, brass anodized aluminum and stainless steel. For engraving, it has a capacity limit.
It cannot engrave too deeply and the engraving time will be very long. Meanwhile, the engraving result is also less good.

For instance:

It can engrave at most 0.5 mm deep on steel in about 30 to 60 minutes.

30W fiber laser marking machine

30W has more peak power than 20W. In addition to the same marking, 30w can also engrave better.

For cutting, the marking machine can cut gold and silver. 30w also has better performance for this.

It can cut a maximum of 0.7 mm silver and 1 mm gold. It will take some time and passes to accomplish.

Based on that, regardless of the performance, but also based on the costs, 30w is also the most popular type.

50W fiber laser marking machine

50w can be seen as the updated version of 30w.

For choosing 50w, it is mainly for engraving and cutting.

Compared to 30w it will take almost half the time to engrave or cut the same materials.

Of course it can cut 0.3 mm thicker silver and 0.5 mm gold than 30w.

100W fiber laser marking machine

100w can be considered the heavy duty version and is used for deep engraving and cutting of material. In addition, the power allows markings and engravings to be applied very quickly. This makes the machine very suitable for marking “on the fly”.

In short:

  • if you do not use deep mark or engraving, 20w is the first choice
  • If you mark and engrave often, but time is not a problem, you can consider 30w
  • If you need a higher engraving and cutting efficiency and you have the budget, choose 50w
  • If you want to work very quickly or if you want to mark “on the fly”, it is best to choose a 100w

In fact, 20w and 30w can meet 90-95% of the needs. 50w and 100w is then especially for demanding users or companies where time is a determining factor.


Fiber laser source 30 Watt Galvanometric scanning head
Professional controller system Focus lens
European computer (fanless) with SSD harddrive, low power consumption system. Monitor, keyboard and mouse Safe housing with LED lighting, special laser safety window, user-friendly design and connection to air extraction
Laser marking software Autofocus
Imported servo motors and drives from Japan Training to guide you through your machine
Red dot pointer (red laser point for clearly displaying your marking place and large) 2 year warranty


Our special knives also deserve special attention. Sometimes it is a gift, sometimes for companies, but ultimately a personal text, logo or image is an added value for our customers.

To make it even more special, we opted for a MOPA laser marking machine that can mark in color in stainless steel, titanium, etc. This gives just that little bit extra. Our customers, like us, are very satisfied with the results. The delivery by Trabiss International went well and with pleasant contact. The service and reachability is very good.

To expand our (machine) capacity, we have purchased two machines from Trabiss International. Both a CO2 laser engraving machine and a fiber laser marking machine have been in use for several years now. The machines are widely used and work very pleasant, simple and reliable.

We have chosen Trabiss International as a local supplier, but also because of the good reachability and service. We will continue to do business with Trabiss International in the future.

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